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Phân tích Get Involved In Là Gì

Bình luận Get Involved In Là Gì là conpect trong content hiện tại của Mỹ phẩm Nga Hàn. Theo dõi bài viết để biết đầy đủ nhé.

get involved (in or with someone or something)

1. To establish an association, typically work related, with something or some organization. Johnny”s getting involved with a nonprofit health clinic during his summer vacation. I”ve gotten involved in campaigns for a number of political candidates over the years.2. To become embroiled in some event, situation, or predicament. I make it a point never to get involved in other people”s personal affairs.3. To become emotionally, romantically, or sexually associated with someone.

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I got involved with Georgina over two years ago, and we both couldn”t be happier! You should never get involved with a co-worker or colleague—it can only lead to trouble.4. To become embroiled in the actions, plans, or developments of another person. Your stupid schemes are going to cost me everything I have; I should never have gotten involved with you!See also: get, involved, someone

get involved

Become associated, especially in an emotional or sexual way. For example, He joined the company last year but never really got involved in the work, or It”s been two years since Tom got involved with Jean. See also: get, involvedSee also:

get involved

Idiom(s): get involved (with sb)Theme: JOININGto become associated with someone. (Sometimes romantically involved.)• Sally is getting involved with Bill. They”ve been seeing a lot of each other.• I hope they don”t get too involved.• He didn”t want his son involved with the gangs.
get into good shape get into hot water, to get into it get into one’s head get into power get into print get into shape get into someone’s pants get into someone’s head get into something get into stride get into the act get into the pink of condition get into the pink of health get into the spirit (of something) get into the swing of (things), to get into the swing of it/things get into the swing of things get into the way get into the wrong hands get into trouble get into your stride get into/in the act, to get into/keep bad company get into/out of the way of something/of doing something get involved get involved (in or with someone or something) get it get it (all) together get it all together get it in the neck get it off get it off with get it off with (someone) get it on get it out get it over with get it together get it up get it wrong get itchy feet get itchy fingers get just deserts get kicked to the curb get kicks get knocked out cold get knotted get knuckles rapped get laid get lip get lost get nowhere fast get mixed-up get mad at get it in the neck get involved get into the swing of things get into the act get into hot water get into full swing get into an argument get into a mess get in touch get in one”s hair

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