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archive (Tech) tài liệu, tài liệu lưu trữ; lưu trữ (đ)
lưu trữGiải thích VN: Là sự tập hợp lưu giữ những thông tin cũ được xóa đi từ một cơ sở dữ liệu ArcStorm.archive attribute: thuộc tính lưu trữarchive bit: bit lưu trữarchive file: tệp tin lưu trữarchive file: tập tin lưu trữarchive file: tệp lưu trữarchive science: khoa học lưu trữarchive site: nơi lưu trữarchive site: vị trí lưu trữelectronic archive: sự lưu trữ điện tửpublic archive: lưu trữ công khaipublic archive: lưu trữ công cộngsound archive: sự lưu trữ âm thanhLĩnh vực: toán & tinkho trữniêm cấtarchive flag: cờ niêm cấtarchive bitlưu bitarchive filelưu file



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Từ điển Collocation

archive noun

ADJ. extensive | electronic, film, photo/photographic, sound The programme is preserved in the BBC sound archives. | company, corporate, county, family, local, national, official, personal, private, state

VERB + ARCHIVE build up, create, set up collecting documents to build up an archive | house, keep, maintain the person responsible for keeping the archives the building which houses the state archives | hold sth in, keep sth in, preserve sth in The data is now held in the company archives. | consult, examine, look through

ARCHIVE + VERB contain sth, hold sth

ARCHIVE + NOUN collection | film, footage archive foortage of the victory celebrations | material

PREP. among/amongst the ~s There are many clues hidden amongst the archives of the local museum. | from an/the ~ some photographs from the library”s archives | in an/the ~ No record of this letter exists in the archives.

Từ điển WordNet


a depository containing historical records and documents


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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. 1. A tape or disk containing files copied from another storage device and used as backup storage. 2. A compressed file. 3. A file directory on the Intethat is available by File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or an Intedirectory established for dissemination of stored files.vb. 1. To copy files onto a tape or disk for long-term storage. 2. To compress a file.

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