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Sự thật về Chassis Fee Là Gì – Chassis Usage Charge (Cuc)

Đánh giá Chassis Fee Là Gì – Chassis Usage Charge (Cuc) là conpect trong nội dung bây giờ của Myphamngahan.com. Tham khảo nội dung để biết chi tiết nhé.

A chassis split fee is charged if the trucker has to make an additional trip to pick up a chassis, from a separate location.

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What is a chassis split?

A chassis split is when the container is not located in the same place as the chassis. In this case, the trucking company may assess a chassis split fee to cover the costs of bringing the chassis to the container location.

When does a chassis split occur?

If an ocean port doesn’t have any chassis available, the trucker may travel to a nearby chassis pool first, pick up the chassis, and then proceed to the port from there.

If applicable, a chassis split fee will appear on your thienmaonline.vn invoice as a destination charge.

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